Saturday, April 30, 2011

Card Club for April with Stampendous

It's card club weekend and part 1 of my class loved making all
the new cards and having fun folding and making all the fun 
little pockets inside too.  All the stamps are from the New
Stampendous Collections and I think it was a real hit!!  They
liked making the victorian lady the best..... Still
have the second class today so I better go and get things ready
for all of them.  Have a great day everyone!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It has been a great week of catching up with everything
and I had a chance to squeeze in some time to make a few
cards out of some new papers that I got last weekend.
I am kind of in to making shaped cards and things that 
fold out in different ways these days and of course everything
 has my new spellbinders on it.  They are really fun and
I love the new flowers and leaves so if you haven't gotten
a hold of these you need to get them!  They are a must have :)

I didn't put words yet on this because
I have to find the perfect thing to say....

Thanks for stopping and don't forget to check out
the blog hop at
The team made some fabulous layouts and there
is some great prizes too!!  

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Amazing trip to Zion...

Here is just a few of the many photos from our trip to Zion this
last weekend.  I love taking nature photos and a unexpected
snowstorm on friday dumped lots of snow our way and it was
just amazing to take pictures of and surprisingly it wasn't really
very cold even though it looks that way. 

This is the hike at the top of the valley.  It runs along the river for about
a mile and a half and then you can go into the narrows.  We 
are going to be back in summer to hike through the water for that :)

I just love the way the red rocks, snow and blue sky look together
for this one.  It is such a cool place because as the sun moves then
the lights change and everything is just more gorgeous!!
I have this same shot in fall too looking up to the top of the valley
and it looks so different in the snow.
This photo is at the top of the valley on the other side of the tunnel.
We drove through to see this fabulous winter wonderland and lots
of waterfalls on the rocks.  The flakes were huge too and later 
that day it turned into little tiny hail balls and it looked like the inside
of a bean bag chair.  It was just so breathtaking for a Cali girl :)
Over at the Bellagio in Vegas they have a huge garden inside
and at the back of the front desk and the theme this time 
was butterflies.  They had all my most favorite flowers everywhere 
by the 100's and a green house filled with gorgeous butterflies everywhere. 
 It smelled so good from all the flowers that were everywhere.
This picture is the view from our room in the Paris.  We got an
upgrade and I guess the women at the desk liked us because
this was just amazing!!  We even got to watch the fountains
of the Bellagio from our room and the weather was alot warmer
than in Zion.  It was a super awesome, restfull, wonderful trip!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Best Creation Robot Papers...

I had such a great stress free week and got to fix
up alot of things out in my yard with all the great weather
that we are having this last weekend.  And I even got to cook
 up a few good things for dinner! 
And...I got to preview 2 of the New Collections that came
out for Best Creation and they are both are really, really cute!!
I love both of them and have lots of pictures to put on
the pages since both of my kids loved Robots and Dancing.

I really like this card I did because the glitter on it makes
it look more like the twinkling stars in outer space and
of course the Robots and spaceships are as cute as can be!

This mini book was really fun to make and has
lots of cute stickers and chipboard that go
so great with all the papers....  Love it !!

Have a great week..


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