Sunday, January 2, 2011

Congrats to all the New BC Team!

I think this was the most exciting New Years Day I have had
in a long time (besides getting front row seats for the Rose Parade)

It was the best day ever watching as all the new team find out they
made it and watching as they post their comments!!!
I can't wait to start with this amazingly talented group of ladies
 and get all their products out to them so they
can make lots of fun things out of all of our awesome
New papers and stickers for Winter 2011.

I can't post anything yet but we have some great 
things we are sharing for the show in the next couple of weeks
so be sure and check out the BC Blog to get some sneak peeks!!

Here are a few of my favorite photos this last year!
It was a very good year in 2010....

Bon Jovi concert in Viva Las Vegas

Hotel in French Lick, Indiana
it was just gorgeous!!

Pastry shop in the Paris hotel in Vegas- Yummmmm!

I can't believe the lion came so close to the glass
this took my breath away to be so close to him
San Diego Wild Animal Park 

I put on a luau for Nicoles Cheer banquet, it was really fun!!

This was 4th of July at the beach this year.
The wind was blowing so the smoke kind of covered
up the fireworks but I got this really amazing photo!

1st time in Chicago- totally LOVED IT!!

We picked apples and raspberries this year and they
were so good!!  Love the fresh juice and pies too!

Just messing around trying to get a photo of the
waves crashing on the rocks! 

Loved waking up everyday on my
vacation to this view in Hawaii!!

Thanks for sharing,
Happy  New Year!!

Hugs,   Teresa


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