Thursday, February 27, 2014

Paper and Bezels

Today I want to share an easy way to do Bezels 
without the long wait for resin to dry.  There are lots
of really pretty Bezels in the Butterbee Scraps online
store and a quick and easy way to fill them is by hand
cutting bits of your favorite papers or stamping on the 
papers and cutting it to fit inside each of them.

For my first necklace I used these things
from the Butterbee online store:

 Large Silver Rectangle Bezels

You will also need Glossy Accents, Beacon Quick Grip,
wire cutters, scissors and some tweezers.

I cut the papers with scissors to the size i wanted to
fill the bezel with and made sure that I had the pattern
where I wanted it.  Then I filled it with foam dots to
fill the bottom up a little and then stuck in the papers.

I used my wire cutters to snip off both ends of the charm
and then glued on the love heart charm in the center
of it and let it dry.  Meanwhile I filled the bezel with a thin
layer of Glossy Accents and let that dry too.  When it was
done i used a little bit of Beacon Quick Grip glue to adhere
the charm to the center and added a few rhinestones at the top
and at the bottom and both sides of the charm. For the 
chain you just cut a piece however long that you would
like and attach the closure piece on the end of it. It's super easy.

And if that wasn't easy then my next necklace I cut
2 pieces of glittery paper, one black with silver dots and the other a
striped silver and glued those in at the bottom of the bezel.
Next I glued in the large silver rose charm and let it all
dry really well. To finish it i added a really thin layer of Glossy
Accents and tiny clear rhinestones on each corner inside
of the bezel and let it dry.  I put the same chain on this
one too because you get so much with your order it's 
easy to do 2-3 projects easy.  These were super simple and
you can do a bunch for gifts in just a night... sometimes it's
good just to do fun and easy things to change it up a little!!

That's all from me today so have a great day and
create something amazing ok :)



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