Sunday, February 23, 2014

Cameos from Butterbee Scraps

Today I have a quick share using a cameo and some
other special pieces that I got from Butterbee Scraps.
Both of these projects went together so quick and easy 
and I didn't need many peices for either one to finish them
beacause they are so pretty and ornate already....

So here is some quick instructions to get you started:

 To make my pin I glued in the cameo to the Copper Cameo back 
and then glued on the bronze filligree piece across the back
so that I could attach a pin back.  I thought that this would look 
so nice on a jacket or maybe i could give the set as a gift to my
grandmother for something special.

For my necklace I glued 2 pieces of the center
copper Cameo ovals together so that if it turns when i wear
it it will look nice.  And then I glued in the cameo and let 
it dry.  To make the attachment at the top I took a piece of 20 
gauge wire and twisted a double loop and then cut another piece
 of wire and looped it on both ends and slid that through the
double loops to attach the chain.  I finished the ends
 of the chain with a matching lobster claw clasp and that was it.  
I really love this set and the pieces are so ornate and delicate
looking. You will need these pieces to make this project:

 Matching chain, tiny pearls, wire cutters, chain nose pliers, 
nylon jaw pliers, Beacon Quick grip adhesive and a pin back.

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and
thanks for stopping over to see what's new 


  1. Hi Teresa. Both pieces are beautiful. I'm sure your Grandmother would love them. Take care.

  2. Hi Teresa, I love both pieces - they are beautiful! Carole Z X



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