Thursday, August 16, 2012

Little Bits of my garden..

I was thinking that if I had to be a farmer how poor
and how hungry our family would be!!  Yikes.. we seemed
like we did ok this year and then the squirrels and birds 
kind of made everything disappear.  And now that
the heat of summer finally hit everything is way too hot to grow!
Oh well, live and learn and hopefully next year we
can tweek a few things and have a real victory garden! 

 These are our new pumpkin plants and we have a few
on the vines and hopefully will get a few more
so that we can decorate for fall :)  

This is my baby watermelon.. isn't it just so cute!

And I took this picture of my cheery tomatoes after the morning 
watering.  There is some really neat drips on the bottom of them
and they taste really good too!  Yum!!

That's all to share today... my uploader for my chip is not
behaving so I have to get a new one but I have some fun 
things I made from the new Bella Blvd hopefully tomorrow!
It's an awesome collection of papers and you can make some 
wonderful cards with it.. so be sure and mark it on your shopping list!

And ---just wanted to give a Big Shout Out to Kristen for 
making my blog more than just beautiful!! She is amazing too and
I really love the way that it came out... Thanks Kristen :)


  1. Love the new look blog :) You are so good growing veggies in your garden, I'm brilliant at killing flowers and plants!! :)

  2. i'm so envious that you have your own fruit and veg. looking forward to your Bella Blvd projects. i just ordered Thankful and Birthday Boy so i'm hoping for some inspiration.



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