Monday, August 20, 2012

Journal Monday #3

It's another Monday already and I am a little late in
posting but I am doing lots of things for Spellbinders and 
 the store I have to finish and my I photo was being a little 
crazy to load pictures today but I have a few to share and a 
fun idea for pockets on my School Journal today.
I wish that I had made these for my kids each year
so that I could have them write about their friends and all
the things that happened in school from their point of views.
 I met a teacher too that said that writing in journals for 
kids helps them in so many ways so I guess that by itself
is a good enough reason to help your kids create them!

So today I didn't put so much on the front and created 
lots and lots of pockets on the front page and inside to put extra 
goodies from the school year.  I didn't want it too busy so i used
the stickers and borders that came in the set from
Creative Imaginations that I used from Samantha Walker.
I do think I have found a good use for all the twine that
i bought though.  It's skinny and works really good for
tying things on and pages in the books too..

 This is the opening page and just like the front
has a pocket for goodies so do all the other pages.
I wish I had more paper to do more but I will have
to go out and get a few more sheets to add on later.

 I used lots of the sticky borders to create the pockets
and lots of tags to decorate with.

This was a really fun and easy journal to do and I 
can't wait to find someone to give it to or maybe i will
just do it for a combined journal for both of
my kids so I can keep it as a quick memory for me!

Hope you got inspired and stop back next Monday
for a fun Gratitude Journal for Fall.
Thanks for stopping over today!

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