Friday, March 2, 2012

How I love flowers

It has been a busy week at the store and we are
getting swamped with lots of boxes filled with
fun product but of course that means I have
to find a place to put it too.  So there is
lots of moving and pricing and making fun
samples up.  Yay, my favorite part....

Today i am showing 2 things
I did quick since I have so many more things
to get out in the next couple of weeks.

We got in lots of canvas to create things to 
decorate with so I made this little gifty canvas
to put on an easel that you can give to a friend or
 put up in your own house.  I used the Prima mini
pad for the back round papers and added flowers
and layered some Spellbinders die shapes under
the sentiment.  If you click on the picture you can
probably see it better.  I have been messing around 
with taking pictures in natural light and it doesn't
always want to cooperate with my artsy vision - big smile :)

Sometimes I like to use the intricate papers as a back round
to save time and money.  I love doing intricate pages
like the sunflower one I did on my last post- so 
don't get me wrong- but sometimes you just need to get 
the pictures scrapped and in the book right?   So for
this page I cut a circle and made my own doily for the
back round with a corner punch and put the matted 
photo on a ledge with flowers and added the glistening
bit of pearls to the bottom.  These papers are pretty
neutral so I added some extra pink and green inks
to the back round with a blending sponge from Tim Holtz.
Total time was only about 20 mins.  Yay!!

Thanks for stopping by and I have lots to make for
this scrappy happy weekend and maybe a possible 
trip to San Diego Wild animal park.  It's almost time
for the butterflies and I am sure there is lots of new
animal babies everywhere to take pictures of.  

Lots of hugs,


  1. Ummmm excuse me.......are you Prima Flowers long lost designer? I absolutely love your stuff and am such a huge fan. I need to come in the scrapbook store and get your autograph before you get real famous. Wait what am I talking are already famous.

    The spellbinders team is so lucky to have you.

  2. WOW all three are gorgeous! congrats on Spellbinders! NOw what time can I coma over and play? :)



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