Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Photo for my class

 For this photo we were asked to take
a picture of something soul searching or
touching with the thought that anything
is possible.. So what came to mind is
this simple cross that I got in an abbey in
Bologna Italy.  The church below is over
700 years old and it like the cross is
not fancy or ornate but simply stands
for a belief in God and a simple place to
worship with others who believe.
I took the photo of the cross on a simple piece
 of wood by the light of the window in the 
mid afternoon sun with no flash. I 
like the shadows and the simple way
the metal stands out but not in a 
glistening kind of way.

This old church was a place that totally took
my breath away.  Sometimes unexpected
things you find in your walk through life
leave with you with the deepest impression.
This is one of mine :)

Thanks for stopping by,


  1. How great it is to be doing the Big Picture class Teresa! I hope to do one, some day. I love this photo, you have taken a fabulous shot here.



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