Monday, January 2, 2012

New Photo Class

As the New Year begins- I  have decided to try and step out
of my comfort zone a little more and try some new things ..
like new classes, yoga, trying new recipes, 
getting more into the messy kind of art again and taking
lots of trips to see our world...
My first this year is starting a photo class on Big Picture.
Everyday we are given an assignment to go out and
see the world with our camera's in a different way. 
I hope that at the end I will take pictures a little better
and in a more interesting way and see not just the big
picture of life but all the tiny little things inside it too...

For this assignment we were supposed to go outside 
and see something that made us think of a breath of fresh air....
and my camelia bush is blooming and the sun was just setting for the day
 so i moved in close and tried to capture
 the delicate beauty of all the petals of this flower and all
the tiny veins of the leaves.  Nature is amazing isn't it :)

Lots of hugs,

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