Sunday, January 29, 2012

Brad Paisley Concert in Viva Las Vegas

We just got back from Vegas and had such a great time!
We walked around and looked at all the fun things there
and did a little shopping but the highlight of the whole
weekend was one amazing concert with 
Brad Paisley, The Band Perry and Scotty McCreery!

Scotty sounded awesome!  He is better than
he was on American idol and if you go to
the concert you will see why he was picked...
He is going to be one- huge- star someday!

 She has such an amazing voice and even
sang a song with Brad Paisley later in the show!

 The stage was really cool and he has lots of lights
and videos going on behind him..... 

 And... he came over on our side so I got this
awesome close up.....

If you get a chance to go to this concert somewhere
on the planet you really need to... Even my husband marked 
this down as one of his favorite concerts and that 
says alot!!  He played so many of our favorite songs
and the fishin song too!!  The picture below is from where he 
went all the way to the other side of the arena on another
little stage he had set up just to play for the people out there.... 
Yep... he is nothing short of amazing!!
It was a really, really fantastic concert!

Here are a few pictures I took of the gardens in the Bellagio.
They decorated for Chinese New Year so there were huge
dragons and waterfalls and flowers everywhere.  It was
really, really pretty and there were lots and lots of people
there looking just like us :)

 This is behind the check in desk... It's beautiful!

 These dragons scales were made of painted fabric..
and they move and have smoke coming out of them...
kind of got me inspired for a craft project!

 They also had lots of these little children around
and each of them has clothes made completely
of different kinds of flowers.  They were about 10 feet tall
and they were sooooo pretty!

This was a picture I took of the fountain 
behind the front of the Bellagio and you have a great
view of the Paris Hotel in the back... We
went there and had a really good Margarite Pizza for lunch...
 It was really yummy!!

This picture is inside the Hard Rock Cafe in the 
Mandalay Bay Hotel where we stayed.  They had
these colored lights on the trees and I think the 
picture came out pretty neat!

Anyway thanks for stopping to see my photos
from this weekend and I will be heading out to 
CHA tomorrow and Tuesday so I will share some
fun things I find and hopefully friends I run into too.

Lots of Hugs,


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  3. The concert was just amazing and I would recommend seeing all of them again and again!



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