Saturday, December 21, 2013

Butterbee Scraps Necklace Set

Happy Saturday to all of you... 
 Today I have something really pretty to share that I made
to wear for New Years.  If you haven't gotten anything yet you
can put this together pretty quick and then you have the whole set
 to match and wear out to celebrate the new year!

Many of the things that I do are inspired from something and
I love the knights of the round table and the intricate chainmail 
that they made and wore.  My butterfly necklace is a quick
inspiration from just that.  I started it with a simple chain,
some 6mm jump rings, tiny bronze metal flowers and this beautiful
metal butterfly to match.  Below is a few of the things
that I used to make it.  The Large Butterfly is # 042-B and the little
bronze flowers are 103-B.  The Antique Bronze toggle clasp is CL071-B.
 And you can also get the jump rings and rhinestones in the store too.

Here is a photo of the finished necklace as it would look on.

To attach each of the flowers on the necklace I used 2 jump rings 
so that they would lay flat when i wore it. I attached the large 
Butterfly in the center and then counted over to attach each of
the flowers with the jump rings.  To finish my necklace I attached
the same clasp that you see on the bracelet below with jump rings
on the ends of my chain.  It's unbelievably lightweight and takes
some time but I think that it is worth it.

To make the bracelet, first measure your wrist with a tape measure
and then layout the flowers so that you have enough of them
to go around.  The jump rings don't add that much extra but
if you want you can lay them out too with a ruler to get an idea.
  Attach 2 jump rings between each of the flowers with your
pliers and then added another jump ring to attach the clasp
at both ends of the bracelet.  I wanted to add a little sparkle so I used
E600 with a toothpick and glued on tiny rhinestones inside each
of the flowers with my pointed tweezers.  I use my tweezers
alot and always come in handy for little things.

After I made it I found out that it would be better to glue on
another set of the flowers on the back of each like I did for the
earrings below.  Having the extra thickness will help make
the rings keep it together better.  Just a hint :)

To make the earrings I glued together 2 of the flowers for each
of them and let them dry like the bracelet.  I added a small jump
ring so that I could attach it to the earring pieces.

I hope you like it and try making something gorgeous
to wear too.  There is always something fun to make
with all the pretty things in the store.

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  1. What gorgeous pieces Teresa...they will look fabulous and sure to draw attention! Carole Z X



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