Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Kings Canyon Trip

I have tried for ages to get my husband to go to Sequoia
and see all the beautiful things there and finally this last
weekend we went on a quick trip and he loves it...
It is an amazing place filled with these huge, enormous
giant sequoia's and redwoods and the fact that they are
thousands of years old makes it that much more amazing.
Here is some of my favorite photos that I took-

 I took this picture on an early morning 
hike in Grants Grove and it caught
the light coming through the trees just perfect.
It was the most relaxing trip I have been
on in a long time.. it was so gorgeous there.

 When you follow the road back to
the end of it to a place called Cedar Grove
there is this beautiful place along the cliffs
with a gorgeous stream running through
it.  I never new this place was there
and can't wait to go back again in the spring.

Thanks for stopping by to see my 
new photos and now that my i photo 
is back up and working I can post 
some of the new things I just finished 
for the store... 
Hugs,  Teresa

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