Sunday, October 9, 2011

It's Pumpkin Picking Time

 October is my favorite month here in California 
because the weather starts getting cooler and it's
time to go up to Riley's Farm and pick apples and
pumpkins again.  The weather was great on Sat.
only about 65 degrees when we left in the morning
and only in the 70's up there at Riley's.  
 They had lots of new pumpkins this year and gourds too
so we had to make 2 trips to the car to unload all the 
things we got this time.  This one is new there and it
reminds me of the Cinderella's coach pumpkin. You 
know I had to get this one too...  :)  My husband
said I should have bought the wagon... and he was 
probably right but that would have been dangerous :) 

 There were so many people this time and it made
it really fun and festive.  Kids were making candles
and picking strawberries and eating lots of things
that were made with the yummy apples that they
sell there.  We picked a bag ourselves and then
got lots more to cook up some good things at home
this week.  I got some great recipes from my favorite
cooks (tarts, applesauce, pies) and am ready to go....

 This restaurant is called Hawk's Head house and
serves yummy things from the colonial period here 
in the US.  Everyone is dressed in period costume
and they have an amazing band that plays music 
while you eat. It is just like stepping back in time about
200 years or so.... If you get a chance to go you should.
 It is really, really good!!

 The farm had lots of different things to pick this time.  
They had strawberries and raspberries, beans, apples,
pears and lots and lots of pumpkins too.  We
had such a wonderful day out there.

Thanks for stopping by and happy fall y'all!!

Hugs,  Teresa

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