Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tallships Festival at Dana Point

 It's hard to believe that it has been a year but it was
time again to see the Tallships sail in and do battle at Dana Point.
There were 8 ships this year and the one on the top right
is still all original so that was pretty neat.  It was kind of cloudy so the
photos came out a little grey but i think it makes them look older.

 I used a filter to get the rays of the sun show
up in this photo.  It would have been amazing if the
boats could have sailed through the light in just
the right way but sadly it didn't happen....

This boat belongs to the Ocean Institute and is called
the Brig Pilgrim..  I love all the sails on this one. You
can actually learn to sail this boat and I think I am
going to add this to my bucket list of things to do!!

 I went to get something to drink while we were waiting
on the jetty and took this picture coming back.. There
were lots of people watching the boats out there this year!

This is all the boats docked so that people can tour 
them.  They also have a huge pirate gathering and
a show on the Pilgrim.  It's fun to see and fun to
feel like what it was like along time ago!!

Thanks for stopping by.... Teresa

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