Friday, September 2, 2011

Just Catching up on Life....

We went up to Elk Grove last week and got to take
a detour down to Monteray Bay and it was gorgeous.
The weather was pretty cold there by the ocean but
it was really nice to visit again...
They added alot more to the Aquarium since the last time
we went there and we even got to see dolphins, seals and the
cutest sea otters on the planet out in front of the aquarium
 in big groups playing and eating.  That was the best!! 

These jellyfish just amaze me how they are so beautiful yet so deady.
I caught a Japanese Man of War once on a stick at the beach when I was little once. 
 My dad wasn't too happy about it when I dragged it over to show him and 
explained it could kill me if it stung me.. so we buried it deep in the sand
 so that it wouldn't hurt anyone else..

This Aquarium had lots of seahorses of all kinds and colors. 
 Still love this one from Australia the best though :)
They are just beautiful!!

This photo is the coolest tank.  It is actually in a circle
and the sardines swim round and round you above your head
in a huge school..  It was amazing!!

They also had lots of sea turtles.  One 
tank had 2 smaller ones like the photo 
above and the other had bigger, older ones.  And the Sundae you see at the left was from Ghirardelli Ice Cream shop on the wharf.  They make their own sauces so I can say this was the best thing I have shared in a long time.... yum!!

The house on the right is from a little town up a ways from the wharf.  It belonged to the town doctor and his family and actually stayed in the family for 3 generations from the 1850's.  This one and the house next to it are just beautiful and in perfect condition.  I have more photos
of some really pretty houses in downtown Sacrament and will post those in a couple of days.  The bottom picture is the sunset on our last night.  It was really fun and I can't wait to go back up there again soon!

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  1. Beautiful Teresa!!! I need to find the job to get me on the road again.....I love to travel... I miss Sacramento and San Francisco! Never been to that aquarium so nice!!!



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