Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Amazing Paper Grace April Die of the Month Blog Hop

I am really excited to share about this new die of the month from Becca Feeken and Spellbinders.  There are so many fun pieces in this new set.  And with all those cute word dies and the other fancier pieces and flowers i can really add to my other dies or just make this spectacular card to give away for Mother's Day this year.

For my papers on this card i chose to use a patterned paper filled with roses in beautiful shades of pink and burgundy and grey.  It was fun to layer the card with all the die pieces and make all those sweet flowers for the front to give it a beautiful vintage feel.

Here you can see all the dies you get in this set.  The flowers are super cute and you get gorgeous leaves in this set too.  And i really love that fancy little panel that goes on the sides of the pop out.  I still haven't decided who i am giving this too so i haven't done the 2 pictures that go on the center panels but you get the idea.  I want it to be perfect so i am going to search around for the right ones.

And inside you can see how this works.  There is a fold out piece that you cut 2 of that will be anchored in the center of the bottom that you adhere the mini book that you made to.  And when you fold it open the whole thing twists and folds out and then closed when you close it.  Be sure and use strong tape for that piece so that it will stay working for along time after the person gets it.  It's a fun thing to do and I am sure they will want to show this one off alot to all their friends and family.

My next Card for Today is:

For my Hello card i just used the pieces of the die and created that back round on a piece of printed pink paper.  I used the arches to put above and below the center and then used the frame of the design part to make a rectangle to put my sentiment in.  I had to chalk the word just a little to darken it up so it would pop but i think it looks really pretty with all those pieces put together in a different way.

To add a bit more depth i criss crossed pink crinkle ribbon across the center under the sentiment and then i added a cute pink bow with a pink flower over it to anchor all of it together.  And to finish it i added a light pink card stock under the gated front panel and then attached all of it to an ivory card.

I really love using all these pieces and i can see me using this die for alot of other cards in the future.  It was fun to make this and i really truly love how it came out.  And it's pink so i love that too.

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  1. NICELY DONE, Teresa! LOVE the first card you made! PERFECT for Mother's Day! AND I also LOVE the way you did the sentiments inside. GORGEOUS PAPER TOO! AND your second card, IS LOVELY AS WELL!!! LOVE how you used the dies! ;)

    1. Thank you TLady for all those sweet comments. I am really happy that you like my ideas for this die... It was really fun to use :)

  2. Both cards are lovely. The Mother’s Day Card would be my favourite you’d love to receive a card like that.

    1. Thank you so much for hopping with us today.... I am glad you like the mothers day card that i did, I think it's one of my favorites :)

  3. Simply lovely cards! Such detail!

  4. Thank you Jean for stopping by and taking the time to leave such a sweet comment about my cards. I really appreciate it. Have a lovely week!

  5. Such gorgeous creations with these beautiful dies! So many possibilities with this die of the month set! Fabulous layering and color combos!

  6. Teresa, great job. Both cards are very unique and beautiful. Of course, everything Becca Feeken and Spellbinders is fabulous.

  7. Gorgeous victorian twist card with soft colors. the shiny card fooled me as at first I thought you made a gate card. Awesome!

  8. Your cards are lovely. You have showcased these dies in such a gorgeous way and you make me want them for my fingers to play with! Have a great holiday!


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  10. Beautiful cards! My favorite is the pink one! Loved that you used 4 panels to make them look like a gate! tfs Hugs, Christine



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