Tuesday, December 30, 2014

M-Bossabilites Folders

Today i am doing a post over on the Spellbinders blog about the
M-bossabilites folders that Spellbinders makes.  I can't say enough
about these neat folders and if you haven't tried the 3D ones then 
you are in for an amazing surprise.  They are incredible and change your
simple flat paper into something gorgeous in the blink of an eye.

I am sharing a card i did with the Venetian M-bossing folder
and the matching die that goes with it.  Venice was one of my most
favorite places i visited so this one is dear to my heart and i did
it in whites and silvers like the masks that you can buy in the
shops there.  One fun thing about the folders is that you get 2 designs
in each one.  One on one side and then flip it over and then one on 
the other side.  Below you can see how i embossed the card.

This is both sides of the folder.  I embossed one on the top 
and the other on the bottom leaving a small space between them.
You can see how amazing they work and what great detail they 
give the papers.  If you have a chance be sure and check out
the post i did on Spellbinders using clear plastic.  It was easy and fun!

Thanks for stopping over and be sure and stop back for
our New Years Eve blog hop... there is going to be lots and lots of
prizes given out by all the designers on it :)


  1. HI Teresa, I'm having a bit of a catch up and hoping you had a lovely Christmas! Your card is gorgeous, I love this folder too and Venice is also close to my heart...you know my family are all spread across California, well husband Tom's Dad is...Venetian and tho his parents are here in the UK, all the rest of his family are around Venice...aren't I a lucky girl, whichever side of the family we visit!! Happy New Year and thank you for all your inspiration, hugs Carole Z X



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