Sunday, August 18, 2013

Wonderful Week with Spellbinders

I was so excited to make the team again and even more
excited to get to meet all the designers on the team this year!!
Stacey is so amazing and flew all of us for the best weekend
ever to Arizona to have classes and meet each other!
And it turned out to be so very, very, very fun...

This is just a few shots of Judy (my roomie last year)and
some of my favs like Debbie Olsen and Yvonne, Beck( roomie
for this year), the amazing Ken Oliver
and of course my favorite tablemate last year Lesley!

I also got to meet Becca Feeken, Heidi Blankenship, Seth Apter,
Linda Lucas, Sheery Cheever and Candy with G45!  Everyone
is so very nice and being with all that talent each and every day
 was absolutely the most amazing way to spend a week...

The photo session was sooo fun and our photographer was the
best.  The out takes were a crack up and I have lots and lots
of those for my scrapbooks but these are some of my favs.

It was the first time I have been to an I Pic theatre and it was
the coolest thing in the world.  Where on earth can you get 
blankets and pillows, lounging chairs and dinner brought
right to your seat... AJ, Heidi and I got front row seats and 
I snapped a few shots of everyone else enjoying the movie too!

I know you have seen lots of funny shots of Nerd night but I 
wanted to share a few of mine.  Laughter is the best
medicine of all and we were all in stitches the whole night 
with all the funny pictures we took, dancing and just being
a little bit crazy together... it was the best :) Theresa, Beck,
Marielle and my new Nerd Buddy Janice you are the best..

And here is Stacey the wonderful, amazing, sweet
kind and awesome owner of Spellbinders who made
all this possible for all of us.... thank you so very much :)

I loved this picture of Chris showing all the dies
that we get at the retreat!!  Their generosity is an understatement!  
We definitely got really spoiled with all the goodies
and dinners and yummy treats during the day :)

One of my favorite classes was taught by John from
Imagine Crafts/Tsukineko.. I love inks and all the other
products they have and he is just the best teacher!!  
If you get a chance to take a class you really should..

And the last day Linda and Beck shared some amazing
treats from Aussie land and they were so good!  They
spoiled us too and am so sad they had to go back home :(

Judy and Thespa :)

And sadly on Sunday morning we had to leave and
go back home but I have made so many new friends
and have a memory to last a lifetime!!  Thank you so much
to Stacey, Kim, Cathy, Richard, Cindy, AJ, and everyone
else who made this such a very special week for us!!

Watch out everyone.. Spellbinders is going to rock
the house even more than usual this year!!


  1. What a FUN post, Teresa :) LOVED that you all had fun and learned too! You can only get this at Spellbinders!! Love you peeps, looking forward to another year with you xo

  2. wow looks like you all had a wonderful time, and such a fun time too..... all looks fabulous :)

  3. So great to be able to spend some time with you Teresa. These pics bring back memories.

  4. Hi Teresa, thanks for sharing your super photos...looks like you had a really fab time! Carole Z X

  5. what a beautiful re-cap Teresa! It was the best week and I too was sorry to go and have to leave my roomie! I really enjoyed spending so much time with you as well. Thanks for the pic sharing!! xxx

  6. Wonderful photos Teresa! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Love your pictures of the retreat, you can tell everyone had a wonderful time. Wish I could have been there, I truly wanted to meet you :-)

  8. Hello again! Fun meeting you & nerd night too! The days went by so quick! Take care until next time!

  9. I so enjoyed seeing all of your Spellbinders retreat pictures. It does showcase how much fun y'all had. Thank you for posting these.



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