Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Golden Coin Bezel Necklace

If you didn't know already, Spellbinders joined with an 
amazing jewelry artist last year named Susan Lenart Kazmer
and designed some beautiful bezels and other fun things
for us to use.  I made a really fun and simple to do necklace
on the Spellbinders Tutorial for July that you can find directions
and a supply list that you can make yourself.

For it I used Spellbinders cotton rag papers and gold metal foils
and embossed it with the new Gold One Enhancing Element Dies.
I added bits of gold glitter inside and then poured a clear coat of
Susan's ICE Resin to seal it all.  I repurposed some beads that I had
and found a pretty piece of chain that went well and put it all together.
I thought that it would be really pretty with a white or black sundress
for summer and guess I am going to have to make the matching earrings 
now too.  You can get the bezels online or you can get them from
JoAnn Fabric store.  They are really fun to use and you can make so much with them.

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  1. Wow. This is really special. It has the look of something pulled out of a treasure chest.

  2. Lovely as always. It looks a bit nautical.

  3. HI Teresa, this is gorgeous! I've been making a bracelet with some bezel,paint and my melt pot these last few days - not finished the process yet as I need it to dry out before adding some ice resin. but lots of fun..will check out your tutorial, Carole Z X

  4. That is SOOO beautiful!!!! You are one talented chic!! I can't wait to get playing with all mine from the bezel buffet lol.



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