Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Best Tuesday ever!!

It's official and I am so overjoyed that I made it
on the Spellbinders Team again!!  I will have to admit
that it was grueling waiting all day but the call came
and it was so wonderful to hear Stacey Caron's voice again!!

My last year was so amazing and I met some of
the most talented and sweetest people I have ever
met in my life... and i got to create with the BEST dies in the
industry so who could ask for more?  It has been
a dream come true and like I told my husband after
studying art in school and doing this as my job working
at the scrapbook store and all the other creative things
I get myself involved with.....
.. I am really, really happy!

A huge congrats to everyone who is 
on the new team for 2013-2014...

Beck Beattie
Christina Gualazzi
Christine Emberson
Janice Whiting
Marielle Le Blanc
Teresa Horner-that's me!
Theresa Momber
Yvonne van de Grijp

There will be some more news on Monday so be
sure and check the blog for that announcement too!

Cannot wait to see everyone in Arizona in August
and see what amazing things that Spellbinders
has for the future!!  So very, very, happy today!!!

Doing my happy dance today :)


  1. Reading this gives me happy tears......I am soooo happy that you are doing great and amazing things. Cant wait to see you and hear everything else you got going on for you.

    ♥ Michelle

  2. Huge Congrats Teresa, I knew you would make it again..looking forward to all your new creations! I've been awol from blog land for a few days and have been looking at your last two posts, which are absolutely stunning, as always! Hugs, Carole Z XX

  3. Congrats on your appointment to the Spellies team.

  4. CONGRATS ON ANOTHER TERM!!! I am so happy for you! You rocked the dies last year, so I am not surprised you are back for another term! :) You rock :)

  5. You are all the best and make me feel so wonderful... thank you so very much for taking the time to post a comment... it is always appreciated that you stopped by :)

  6. Congrats Teresa, you deserve it. You're creations are gorgeous. Thanks for the post on my site, I miss you <3 Rayleine



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