Sunday, June 3, 2012

Our Day at Sea World

  I am working on lots of projects that I can't show yet 
so I thought that I would share some of our recent trip
to Sea World in San Diego.  It was really fun and we hadn't
been in a while so they have changed alot of things and 
it is really, really nice!!

 They have an amazing polar bear enclosure where
they can walk right by you behind plexiglass.  They
are huge and yet they are really playful!  

  This was my favorite because it was like when
we go to Hawaii and swim out in the ocean.  There
were so many Sea turtles and it's such a cool thing
that they take such good care of them for all of us to see.

Here is Nicole in her Sea World Wet Suit.
I hope someday she will get to work there 
and train the animals and help with the
ones that get hurt.  She was so happy to
hang out with them!!  

 I am sharing this because Dolphins can splash really
really big too!  They were soaked!

 How awesome is this?

 This is the part that I love about scrapping.
It's the stories.  These cute seals are so loud
and so funny when it comes to eating.  They
barked and barked until someone threw them
a fish and then they were quiet for a minute and
then got really loud again!!  It was so funny!!

And this is just amazing because if
you think of how huge these animals are
and seeing that it can jump up and do flips?
And they did all kinds of other tricks for
the trainers and that was really cool too!

So that is it today but I have lots of ideas
to share and maybe lots of tutorials in 
the future...  just thinking ahead :)
Have a great day,


  1. Brilliant photos, the dolphins especially looking amazing! :)

  2. I love all your crafts sister. The sachettes are pretty nifty. Nicole with the dolphins is super cool as well...!



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