Monday, June 11, 2012

A fun trip to Durango Colorado

We got to take an amazing trip last week.  It was
fast and each day was filled with lots to see and
I have so many photos and fun memories from all
the places we got to stop. I am just going to share a
few with all of you today just to see all the amazing 
things we have in the US to see....

 This was my first view of Mesa Verde National Park
 and I was just speechless when I stuck my head over
the canyon walls.  800 years ago a tribe of indians made
their home in the side of this canyon 100s of feet from
the canyon floor and it was just incredible.  Our
guide was a native Navajo man and it was so
wonderful to hear the stories he had to tell us.
 There are quite a few of these villages in the side
of the rocks in Mesa Verde but this was my favorite.

 There was an artist in Four Corners who made
hand carved plates and pottery and used native dies
to color them.  They were gorgeous and each carving
was a symbol of something special.  I would have loved
to get one of each from her!!  She was also from a 
Navajo tribe and her father was the medicine man. 
I so traveling and meeting people from around the 
globe.  It is amazing how different each of us is :)

It's great that I got to be in 4 states in a matter
of just minutes!  Great things to buy there too!

 This was just a neat bunch of rocks on the Navajo
reservation.  Not much there but it sure is pretty.

 When we got to Durango Colorado we took the
train up to Silverton.  It was the most beautiful
trip and we saw so many pretty places along the way.

 This is one of the streets up in Silverton.  It gets
pretty cold in the winter and they said there is only
about 200 people there then.  Lots of people
came up on the trains and there was lots of shops
and things to eat, but I was mostly interested in
all the old buildings and museums.  It was awesome!

This is a part of the town that looked like when 
all the miners were there in the late 1800's.  Must
have been one rowdy town then....

 The engines they use are the original steam
locomotives and they still use coal and water
to power them.  We went 50 miles up and used
half the coal in the back of the engine and 2 
stops for water.  Soooo fun!!

When we got back to town we found they had
a museum that had lots and lots of the old train
things on display.. I love the old model T cars
and everyone was really nice there.

 This is one of the Old Hotels in Durango.  Inside
was just beautiful and all the furnishings and lights
and things were still there.  The town is lined up
on Main street with lots of old buildings and lots
of places to eat and things to do.  This town has 
so many outdoors things to do and I would love
to live here someday... 

 Our last stop and our favorite on our trip 
is to Zion National Park.  We went a different
way in coming from Colorado and went by
an old town that they used to film alot of
the old Westerns in.  It was really pretty and 
there were lots of people there this time
out hiking in the beautiful weather.

So that's it for today and thanks so much for
stopping in and seeing some of the wonderful
places we got to go...  



  1. Great photos, Teresa! We've had Zion on our must do list for a long time. Now I think we need to expand our plans.

  2. What an amazing experience, stunning photos :) x



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