Monday, November 7, 2011

Fun Trip in North Carolina

I had a really fun week traveling last week to 
North Carolina on business with my DH
 and have some pictures to share today.  We spent
most of the time in Charlotte, Matthew's and Monroe
but got to travel to the Biltmore on the Vanderbilt Estate
for a couple of days. And was it ever fun!! 

 The timing was perfect for all the trees changing colors 
and even though we see some of it here it is nothing
like the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC.  All we kept
saying was Wow everytime we turned a corner :)
 I opted for seeing the historic sites of the town this
trip and found this beautiful old plantation nestled
among all these gorgeous old trees.  It was really neat
to see this up close and personal and it wasn't really what
I imagined from the history books I read.  My DH 
says there are more of the bigger ones in Miss. where 
his mom is from.  Sounds like another reason for 
a fun trip to visit relatives next spring...

This is actually an old estate that they saved and
made into a hotel.  It is the Duke Mansion and
was part of some amazing Victorian Houses built
for the wealthy aristocrats in the area.  I got to go inside
and look around and it is really beautiful.

 I am trying to take some time in life and drag my DH
to see some amazing things in the US and this is going
to be scrapped as one of my favorites!  George W. Vanderbilt
built this gorgeous 255 room home for himself and his 
family on 126,000 acres of forest.  He had farms, a dairy,
his own lake, a huge river running through his property, 
and the most amazing garden you can imagine with a green
house too.  Puts mine to shame actually :)  They had
flowers everywhere and the estate.... It always amazes me
to see these homes in the victorian era of our country
because they are all so beautiful!!

 This is the hotel on the estate so people can stay
over and have time to relax and do some of the fun
things they have on the estate to do.  The rooms
and the inside of it was just gorgeous.

This is me on the steps on the back side of the house.

 This is a picture of the place we ate for dinner.  
The cooks are amazing here and the food was sooo 
good.  It is called Cetric's Tavern after one of his
pet St. Bernards.  They loved animals and had lot
of dogs on the property.  

 This was my DH's breakfast and was delicious!
Cinnamon streusel pancakes with ham :)  Yummmm!

 I love old cars and they had this rare Motel C that
belonged to Mrs. Vanderbilt at  their winery on display.  
It fits 7 people but I am sure it was crazy windy
 when they went for a drive!! (No windows except 
on the front and back of the car)

My last photo was one of the trees in
the shops at the house.  They had just
decorated for Christmas in the Biltmore but we
were not allowed to take pictures sadly.  They
still have a big family Christmas with all the people
that work for them in the house and it sounds like
it would be fun to go to.  But back to my house I
am in the mood for Christmas now and am rested and
ready to have a fun holiday season!!

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!
Hugs, Teresa

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  1. seems like a great trip. How wonderful the fall colours look.



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