Saturday, August 6, 2011

Huntington Beach

One of my favorite places to be is at the Huntington Beach Pier
 and yesterday we went for a bonfire
and they had the US Open Surfing Championships going on.  
Sadly i missed getting photos of the surfers this time but they had lots of
other things going on and a huge concert!!  It was so fun!

 This is a photo on one of the screens between the tents
and you can see why I hung out here!!  One word...gorgeous!!

 Ruby's on the pier is one of my favorite places
to eat... The view is awesome!!

 There were soooooo many people at the concert!!

As usual all the sand covered food
was great and there were so many
people at the pits by 9.  It was really, really nice
and a little chilly but sitting by the fire is 
great and the Semore's were the best!

Hugs,  Teresa

1 comment:

  1. Awww you are making me homesick! I totally miss CA!! Great pics! Looks like a fabulous time!



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