Monday, August 3, 2015

Crafty Secrets Blog Hop

It's a beautiful Monday and time for another fun Blog Hop with all of us on
the Crafty Secrets Team.  Today we are all stepping out and doing some fun 
Mixed Media projects so you will have to stop on over to all the girls 
blogs and see all the magical things that they did today.

I really had alot of fun making this beach bag for my money and small items
that i haven when i go to the beach.  I used the "Cotton Scraps Summer Homespun" 
and then found this cute little zipper bag made from Canvas from my local craft
store and it was super cheap.  So i cut out a few things and got some Fabri-Tac and
set to work.  For this project you are going to need a stencil, some paints to match,
glitter, cotton lace and maybe a sewing machine to zig zag around the pieces too.

So as you can see below the first thing i did was to stencil on my circles
with the aqua and green paints using a stipple brush.  This brush is a flat
kind of stiffer brush and makes it so much easier to keep the paint inside
of the lines.  Be sure you get some of the paint off so that it's a bit dryer
on a paper towel before you stencil and most important.... try it on a scrap
piece of fabric first to see how you like it before you work on your good one.

And after i got all the paint on where i wanted it i sprinkled a little glitter into the
paint to make it glisten like the sand does when the sun sets on a sunny day at
the beach where i live.  And then i went ahead and put Fabri-tac on the back of the
pieces and glued them where i wanted them to go.  I think i will go back and do
a quick stitch around all of them just in case but this glue really works good.

And that is all there is too it.  The Cotton Scraps come in all kinds of styles
that you can see here.... and they are so quick and easy to use.

Be sure and follow all the other links to see what everyone else is sharing
today and hope you get some and try this for yourself...

Kathy Clement, Team Leader:

Shantaie Fowler:

Teresa Horner: http://

Happy Monday...Teresa


  1. Teresa, this is one of my all time favorite CS images and you just made it sing! I love the touch of glitter on your stenciled background. Everything looks perfect and your tutorial was so readable and easy to follow. I learned something new....stipple brush! Yay! Thanks for another fabulous LInky Challenge Project!

  2. loving the stenciled dots all glittery and beachy!! great little bag!

  3. What a cute little bag. I love what you chose to put on it. Perfect colors. This is really well done!!

  4. This is adorable...makes me really want to be back in California on the beach! The colours are just perfect for the project and I love the polka dots and image, hugs Carole Z X

  5. An absolutely stunning project!

  6. So in love with this sweet little bag! Thanks for a great tutorial!

  7. So sweet. I must try to make stamping on cotton. Love it!



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