Thursday, April 24, 2014

Pretty in Pink...

I was thinking it's about Prom time next month so why not
start early and create something for yourself for that special date
or even a gift for Mom's day coming up.  I decided to go with some
new silver pieces that i got and i did a heart locket necklace
and a choker for all those bohemian fans out there.

For my first necklace i used some smokey pink quartz beads
and wrapped them with silver 20 gauge wire and tiny silver
beads.  And then i joined them with jump rings for something
different.  The toggles were so pretty i decided to put it
on the side and run the chain around the back.  I thought it
would be prettier to see it with the heart locket just because it
matches so well. What do you think... I really love it. This one
took a bit of time to wrap the beads but it was fun and relaxing.

And for my next project i made a pretty choker necklace with ribbon.
 It was really fast and super easy to make. To start I  joined 5 silver filigree
 pieces with silver jump rings and added these really pretty little
rhinestone danglers in-between them to make it glisten more.
And then i added some pretty pink and turquoise rhinestones
to each of the filigree pieces and let it dry.  Then you can either
stitch the piece to the ribbon or just use some good adhesive
like i did to attach the pieces.  It was simple and easy and there
is so many things that you could add to it if you wanted to.

Here is a list of the things that you will need from the
Butterbee Scraps shop to make them:

C25-P Silver Filigree Embellishment
Small Rhinestone Charms
hematite rhinestones flat bottom in pink
Silver Jump Rings
Heart Lock and Key in Silver
CL-462-P Silver Toggles

other things i used: Pink Ribbon, silver chain, adhesives,
jewelry tools, and silver 20 gauge wire.

That's all for today i am trying to catch up and get ahead for
some traveling i have to do next week but i will have lots of things
posted up for inspiration that i am doing.  I hope you all
have a really great day and make something beautiful!!


  1. Hi Teresa. Two very different pieces but both gorgeous. Take care.

  2. Hi Teresa, two beautiful pieces of jewellery, that any girl going to her Prom or Mom ...(or actually any female!) would be thrilled to wear...fabulous! Hugs Carole Z X



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