Saturday, September 22, 2012

Heidi Swapp File Folder Class

So I had to share this fun class I am teaching this morning
because I can honestly say I LOVE doing these little folders
to make an album!  Rebecca and Heidi are just awesome for
thinking of this fun and unique folders and it is going to be
a blast to teach this morning... I am going to share the photos of my
version and will make a few more styles of folders to share this week!!  
It's going to be addicting.... 

So the story goes that Heidi wanted to create something unique
for her family albums that she could put a whole adventure
or a whole event in and this is what she dreamed up!
Could you just imagine these with Graduation or babies, 
school, vacations and even birthdays too!

Each folder is filled with fun flaps and mini folders to
fill with photos and lots and lots of memories!  I love
doing this so it's right up my alley so to speak (((LOVE)))

 Just love the colors in this line!

If you are interested in the class ---call 
Hearts N Crafts for either the Oct or Nov 
class.  We are going to do different themes for each of
the 6 files that go into the File box.
 It is going to be really, really fun!!

Have a wonderful Sat....


  1. it looks amazing Teresa. makes me want to try and do a mini like that too.

    1. There is actually 6 of the files in each file box so that you can make them all kinds of themes.. We are going to do Disney and family and kids friends next. You would love to do these too, it's making all the fold outs and little hideaways for things! Hugs and Smiles to you :)



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