Sunday, May 20, 2012

Teresa Collins Event

So this week was kind of an emotionally tough week 
so I wanted to do something fun that I don't normally do
and I was blessed enough to get a call from Ginger to
let me know they had a place at Teresa's Inspired Journey
in Manhattan Beach and was hosted by one of my
most favorite designers Teresa Collins.  I only got
to go to one of the days sadly but it was so much 
fun with all the girls there!!  They were all so very nice!
And.. the best part is we did 4 projects, 2 from Teresa
and 1 from Pink Paislee and 1 from 7 gypsies!

 I got to sit next to the 2 cutest girls I know, Michelle
and Cindy Farbach!  It was a real treat to be on the other side
and not teaching and we got to create 2 awesome books Sat.

 And this adorable teacher is Rebecca Cross.
She is the owner and creative director for Pink Paislee
and designed these really fun file folder pages for us
 to do and they are just so darned cute and fun to make. 
 We got to spray, ink, stamp, cut and put on lots of fun 
embellishments on the ones we did.  It was really fun!
I love things with pop ups and fold out pages....

 Our table was so nice and everyone helped and shared
to get our projects all done!  

And... the best part was prizes!  Michelle and Cindy
both picked up a few goodies :)

 Here is just a few of Teresa's projects that she brought
to share with all of us.  I just love her things because
there is so much love and heartfelt thought that goes
into designing her things and it is such a wonderful
and beautiful product to scrap family things with :)

And this I had to share--- cause it is the biggest
roll of foam tape that I had ever seen!

We had a short break for dinner so we decided
to go down to Manhattan Beach pier
and we walked around the shops and found this
amazing little Mexican restaurant that is my new
favorite place for fish tacos.. they were heavenly
and thank goodness I don't live close by cause I
could be there every day LOL!

 And last but not least this is Michelle with her new
friend on the end of the pier.... 
it's a love hate relationship though LOL!

Thanks for stopping in and sharing in the fun!

Laughter truly is the best medicine!
Hugs, Teresa 


  1. OMG.....Teresa, I had a blast! I so needed to get away and I feel very blessed I was able to share this journey with you and Cindy. I love your blog posting, your idea about dinner at the pier was amazing, delish, and soooo much fun! I have not laughed that much in a very a long time.

    You are amazing and thanks for the memories,

    ♥ Michelle

  2. Looks like such a great time. So glad you got to have some fun!

  3. What a wonderful time you must have had ! I'm totally envious. are you going to CHA in July ?



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