Friday, December 9, 2011

Relaxing week

I have a few new things to show today since I have
been home sitting with my dog after his knee operation.
Last Thursday my golden went in to fix a tendon that
he tore completely and I haven't had much sleep since then but
since I have to stay with him day and night so that he doesn't
chew threw all the staples and run anywhere then I have
gotten a few things done.  I got my box of Webster's in
the mail and decided to make this chunky flap book to
put lots of photos and memorabilia of the things 
that we do for the Christmas Holidays this year.  We
decided to do lots more family events instead of spending
so much time in the malls and it is really going to be
a special year because of it.  Much more relaxing I think...
and thank goodness for online ordering too :)

 So if you don't know what flap books are then you
are missing out.  These 2 products are from Pine Cone
Press in So.Cal.  They made these chunky chipboard books in
2 sizes this year and you can really do alot of pages
inside of them.  I made 6 sets of the flap pages for
this and the fun part is you can always add more flaps
if you end up with more photos that you need to scrap!!

 Each of the sections opens up to have more
places for photos.  You can also add flaps up 
or down or envelopes that open up with other fun
things inside of them.  It is really fun and makes 
for an incredibly fun book to look at.  You can't just 
flip through fast on this one and the more you add
the more fun it is... I am going to add lots of paper
clips and pockets too as I get things in the days ahead
so I will show it again when the season is over..

 The measurements for this are 6x17.  You can create
your own by cutting a 12x12 in half and scoring it
at 6" and then adding a flap under the right edge by
cutting a piece of 6x6 and scoring it at 1" and then
gluing it under the first flap on the right edge.  It's 
really easy.  The center of the book is a folded 
accordion piece of paper and each of the flaps is
glued in with Scor Tape.  It works fantastic to keep
hard to hold things in place just in case you haven't 
tried it. I love the it and its easy to apply too!

So with that said I am catching up on scrapping some of
my trips this year.  I was going to use this paper to
do a page of all the blue eyed people in my family,
but it worked even better for my snow trip to Zion.

Being from California we don't get snow much so
being in Zion which is one of my favorite places
in the world on a first snowfall day was just amazing!
I took so many photos and think I will have to do a 
book just for Zion photos now in different seasons.

The papers on this page are from Authentique and I
love the blues.  I would love to decorate my whole house
in this if it were fabric because it is just so pretty.

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what's new
and I hope you are all as excited as I am to celebrate
this year with friends and family...


  1. Gorgeous projects! I hope your doggie is feeling better!

  2. Poor doggie - the album looks absolutely lovely and great crispy look on that page



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