Friday, March 11, 2011

What a wonderful day!

Today is a great day everyone, the sun is shining
and the trees are starting to bud out with gorgeous 
flowers and all my flowers around the house 
are blooming too.  I love spring because it is a time to
start fresh and I love all the colors and fragrances in the air!

Yesterday was Kathleen service and it was beautiful!
She is being buried in Salt Lake with her parents on Sat.
I used lots and lots of tissues  and there were 100's of people
but I know that she gets to be an Angel
 to all of us now and it is comforting to 
know that she won't feel anymore pain.  But there is a
huge set of shoes to fill now and an empty chair but  I 
will always remember how she touched my life and was
always there for me.  I got asked by Amy to do a couple of
pages to show at the service and that was such an honor!
  Not everyone wants to share the cute pictures
 of their childhood and only when 
they pass do we get to see these wonderful moments!

The special part of scrapbooking is secretly adding 
the special colors and things the person really loves
so that it becomes a treasured thing to share with friends
and family throughout the ages......
I tried to put all these special things in her pages to remember her.
Amy added words for the family but I just think I was
blessed to be able to do this for them :)

We will miss you Kathleen Walker for a very long time :)

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  1. Thank you Teresa for all the help on my project. I took pictures of all of them. Had to believe how easy they were..but time consuming to make! I know the best people in the world leave way to soon just too often.....



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