Thursday, September 16, 2010

Argggg- its a pirates life for me!!

We had such a great weekend at the Tall ships Festival in Dana Point!
They have had this for 26 years now and I think we have been there
for about 10 and it never gets old.  I love all the ships as they sail 
around before Sunset and sitting on the jetty it 
seems so cool to see the ships as they did a 100 years ago or more!

And we love the pirates! All the kids love taking pictures
with them and there was this cute little boy and his brother
making pirate noises like argggg as they took their picture.
I laughed so much, it was so cute to see :)

There was lots of great food and now they even have
a show on the Pilgrim with red coats and everything!

It was absolutely gorgeous weather and we had a blast!

I love this picture!! It looks so neat as the boats sail around in the Sunset :)

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  1. That sunset shot is breath taking. Lovin' your photos here!



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