Thursday, July 22, 2010

Only 5 days till CHA.....

Where have I been you are probably wondering?
We are busy getting ready for all the things in our booth
at CHA (Best Creation) and it's going to be really, really fun!
I am so excited to go to Chicago and we are headed
for some real Chicago style pizza first chance we get :)

Here is a couple of layouts I did, I can't show the rest yet!!
But I will pretty soon....

I love my photo shop program, it was so worth the money.
It is fun to edit and change things to get the
perfect picture. This was at Cal Poly's Harvest Festival in Oct.
There are sunflowers everywhere and I went in early before
sunset one day and no one was there yet and
got some really good pictures.

It is my very favorite time of the year!!!
Thanks for stopping by...



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